Domestic Laundry

Our domestic laundry service caters for families and individuals. Clients can choose between Pay As You Use or opt for a Pre-Paid Monthly Subscription Plan.

Our Monthly Packages structured as:

  • Singles Monthly Package $50 (20KGs upper cap)
  • Couples Monthly Package $70 (30KGs upper cap)
  • Family Monthly Package $100 (50KGs upper cap)
  • Extended Family Package $150 (100KGs upper cap)

Package Conditions:
1. They are open for subscription from the 1st to the 7th of every month.
2. They apply only to domestic laundry
3. All packages expire at the end of every lunar calendar month
4. Should the usage exceed the monthly upper cap, the excess is paid for using our Pay Per Usage price.
5. The package prices exclude collection and delivery
6. The package covers clothing, bedding and towels. Blankets, duvets, shoes, carpets/rugs, curtains, bags are charged separately.

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